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Mind and Matter is an organization based out of Kodagu that works on building harmonious relationships between individuals by enabling an environment for self-awareness. With over 100 volunteers, the organization schedules sessions on various topics, ranging from astronomy to human anatomy to philosophy and so on. We began working with the Kodagu District Child Protection Unit and the three children's homes that come under it since December 2020. The sessions are conducted keeping in focus the overall development of each child. Up until March 2021, our sessions were being conducted in person but, due to the rise in the number of Covid cases, the sessions were abruptly stopped. We have resumed the sessions online from July 1st, 2021. One of the projects our organization is currently working on is building a reading space for the children in the three homes. In this regard, the organization urges people to donate their old books (children's fiction, novels and non-fiction) so we can together build a library in each of these homes. The donated books above the reading level of 18 year olds will go to Mind and Matter's circulating library. These books will be circulated to people who hold an interest in reading. This to encourage more people to discover themselves through the art of reading. We believe a society that begins to know itself is a society that is more compassionate, loving and accepting of one another.

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